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What is a recovery coach?

Just as you expect something different from your doctors, therapists, spiritual advisors, sponsors, etc.

You can expect something different and unique from your recovery coach.

Working with me will provide you with a team mate; someone that will meet you where YOU are - but not leave you there. Together we will establish a working agreement, set goals and make plans to take realistic steps towards those goals.

As fitness, nutrition, and spiritual wellness are some of my passions, I am always open to talking about these topics as well as how they relate to your recovery journey.

Doing recovery alone is possible.

Doing it together makes it a wholesome, enjoyable, and increases the long-term success rate.


"Be kind to yourself, we will be meeting parts of you that you have been supressing"


Easy? No.

Worth it? Absolutely.

It's time to meet the real you...

....and then learn how to love that person.

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