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Mission 12th Step is a mission led by Alexandra B with the plan and goal to make sobriety accessible and achievable to those in homeless and domestic violence shelters here in NYC. This mission actively works the 12th step of AA: to carry the message of AA to other addicts. Because the only requirement to become an AA member is to have the desire to quit drinking; we believe and act on making sobriety and the message of AA equally accessible to those struggling with homelessness and domestic violence.


All donations to Mission 12th Step go to Alexandra B which is then 100% donated to the mission in many ways - we do this in order to keep to the traditions in AA which say we are self-supporting. Because the money comes from an AA member, donations can be accepted for the following:

  • A diversity of AA Pamphlets for shelters

  • AA informational signs for shelters

  • AA literature request fund: members can

request Big Books & AA literature

  • Charing carts for tablets

  • Tablets for meetings use

  • Zoom subscriptions for AA meetings

Donations made to Mission 12th Step allow shelters to provide Alcoholics Anonymous informational pamphlets, AA literature,

and virtual meetings to those in homeless and domestic

violence shelters.

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