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Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Where? 1055 Lexington

What? Brunch


Well let's start with the 2-for-1 mimosa deal that this Upper East Side bar & restaurant is serving up every Sunday brunch service. It's your typical mimosa but a great deal, especially if you're going out with another or bringing all the girls out for a recovery meal from Saturday nights outing.

Secondly the food is from scratch and delicious. The selection varies quite a bit from salads: ahi tuna, beet and kale, and a few others as well as your main egg dishes, a brunch burger and some other brunch faves. I recommend the huevos rancheros, topped with crispy tortilla and served with from scratch homefries which is why this dish takes the brunch win here, however, the make your own omelette is a strong contender- egg white substitute available - also comes with homefries.

Highly suggest coming early since the crowd doesn't get rowdy until around 12:30, so if you have a group go and claim your brunch spot and feel free to stay awhile as the environment is large enough to do so, you won't feel rushed to cut the girl talk short, and hey why not that second mimosa? On the house.

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