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BA Podcast is now launched!

Are you on RSS or Spotify, do you like Podcasts?! The first FOUR episodes of the brand new Barr Above Podcast are now out and waiting for your ears to listen. It's liberal... (Sorry Republicans, but so far you'll only hate one episode!)

Sobriety - shares, topics, the steps, you name it.

LGBTQ+ - how to be an ally, news, what it's like being in the community from guest speakers and more.

BLM Ally Info - (Jemele Hill is an obsession of mine)

Mental Health

Fitness and Holistic Health

Breaking the Stigma! Surrounding Addiction, Mental Health, Self Care and Everything Else that we should be doing & TALKING ABOUT but it's 'weird' to do so. We don't care, we like weird.

So far the feedback has been amazing and I appreciate ALL of you already listening and can't wait to schedule guest speakers that are coming to me with excitement, ideas and stories. This podcast is a SAFE ZONE for all communities, so send in your questions, we want to answer them - want to remain anonymous? I

get that - just request it and it will 100% be respected. Subscribe to the newsletter (it's monthly - not annoying every day stuff) and see what's coming out next month. I look forward to hearing your reviews, questions and anything else you may throw my way.

With Love,


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