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Being A Womxn In The Trump Era

I feel like it's important to share this; for personal, political and humane reasons. Being a womxn in the Trump era is exhausting and mentally draining. It's scary, it's sad, it's constantly being disrespected because leadership has made that acceptable by setting their example. It's being discriminated and made fun of for having normal emotions, for being a caring, kind and honest person. It challenges your core beliefs, it makes you question your self, it makes you doubt yourself. Every single day. It pushes you into a labeled corner by using intimidation tactics. It makes you conform to 'appropriate' womxn standards. It denies you the ability and freedom to explore and learn your sexual orientation, it denies love and equality for all. It promotes violence towards not only womxn but all minorities. It makes you live in constant stress and judgement. It allows your male friends to look at you and say ''I'll just grab you by your pussy' to your face when you have not acknowledged nor consented to anything sexual - and yes, that has happened to me on many occasions throughout the past 4 years.

Women Empowerment

The amount of instant relief brought on by knowing Trump's reign is almost over is overwhelming. And yes, many of you reading will shoot back with 'but Biden did so-and-so' and that is not an appropriate response to this. Attempting to justify the disgusting misogynistic leadership that is unapologetic and unwilling to learn and grow, with someone else's mistakes, that he has acknowledged and is bettering himself at - does not invalidate my feelings and argument here. The amount of emotional freedom I have felt in the last 48 hours is one of the most amplified feelings I've ever had in my lifetime as a woman. So when you say 'don't talk politics with friends and family' because it's not personal, I'm telling you that this trump era and his followers have made it personal. They have become comfortable with acting out towards womxn after we have fought so hard at attempting to achieve respect (which we still often have to fight for in the workplace), equal pay (that is still not equal to our male counterparts) and our rights just as a womxn; all of what I have mentioned has been attacked since his win in 2016, Black citizens, the LGBTQ+ community, the disabled, the minorities, and all democrats have been sent back to 1945. And I'd like to reiterate that 'Fuck Your Feelings' is never an appropriate thing to say to someone, ever. And the worst part is, the men and womxn that support or voted for this man are absolutely aware of this. And they have chose to side with the opressor and the abuser. So I'm telling you, in a very vulnerable state, that it hurt. It was a vote against me, it was a vote against my equal pay, it was a vote against my freedom and healthcare like the ability to get a cervical cancer screening pap smear and to afford birth control (abortion is also on the chopping block for womxn's rights), the ability to stand in this world and receive basic respect on a daily basis.

This is why the 45% of White womxn, including myself feel so strongly about this administration. This is why we show endless gratitude and respect to the 96% of Black womxn that we voted with. That 45% + 96% are unstoppable, we are the resistance when we come together and we have only just begun.

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