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Circle Line Sightseeing Tours

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Where: Pier 83

When: Cruises run every day, suggested to use an escape from extreme weather (colder days, super hot days)

For Who: Families with older children (young ones may get restless), dates, solo, locals & visitors

Circle Line actually started in 1945 so they’ve had their fair share of time to perfect the timing of cruises (reliable if you are seeing a show afterwards), their tour guides, boats and hospitality let me tell you it shows. Being extremely reliable is only one benefit of this company, not only do the lines move quickly to get on and off the boats, you can also buy tickets online, in addition they have decent snacks and food onboard including beers and wines.

Cruise types include the Best of NYC, Liberty, Landmarks, Rockin’ the River Music, Statue of Liberty express, Harbor Lights, Statue by Night, Summer DJ Series, and Bear Mountain (Fall season only). The favorite? Best of NYC. Why? It’s the most well rounded group of people, gathering from all around the globe, you’ve got your locals, tourists, foreigners, and everyone in between. This group tends to be respectful and not too rowdy with a 2.5 hour tour. The actual tour guide does not talk the entire time which is nice as they suggest that the crowd on board gets to know each other; this is your chance to mingle, grab a beer, sit outside or in the air conditioning (suggested to use this as your hot day escape!). Amazing photo opportunities happen on board this cruise, from the Hudson Yards Vessel to Wall Street, if you want great pictures from your vacation to show off at home, this is a great place to do so. As stated before, if you plan to see a Broadway show afterwards you can guarantee this cruise will be back to the dock when they say so and the walk to the theater district is a quick one (5 avenue blocks).

If you're a rowdier crowd, Rockin' the River Music is a great option for a group night out or date night. Music is played for all on board, it's a 21+ crowd and the fun doesn't end once you're back at the dock. With multiple waterfront bars and lounges, Hudson Yards and Hell's Kitchen all in the area there is plenty to do all night long!

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