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Classic Egg In A Hole

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Summer breakfast favorite of mine. Of course, I tend to serve (and eat) mine a little later in the day so I serve a small mixed green salad along with it.

Start with two slices of brioche or any buttery bread (challah works great too for example) and cut a circle out of the middle. In the mean time heat 1/2 tbs butter in a nonstickpan over medium heat.

Place your bread in the pan and once one side is a little under perfectly toasted, flip your bread (you will be toasting this side again), crack your egg in the circle and lower the heat to medium low. Salt and pepper your egg, I like to add fresh thyme or oregeno as well in this step. Once your egg is mostly set but a little bit of uncooked egg whites remain, flip your toast over and finish cooking for no longer that 30 seconds. This is your time to add cheese to the top if you're in to that, as your toast and egg are still hot from being pan side down it will melt quickly.

I turn the heat off but let my eggs sit in the pan as I mix in fresh herbs into mixed greens with basic extra virgin olive oil, a touch of balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper.

Serve your egg-toast and mixed greens together, nothing beats cutting through that buttery and yolk flavor than with fresh greens and a hint of vinegar.


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