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Made To Fade...

....tattoos. Yes, you read the correctly. New ink with endless possibilities. Ephemeral Tattoo Ink is 'medical grade solution with carefully selected pigments that allow your body to naturally remove it over time.'

In other words. Go get that tattoo.

Not fully sure what you want forever?

A bit indecisive?

Overly creative and like to change things up?

Ephemeral Tattoo is for you - because this ink will fade in about a year (9-15 months).

Try it out, get it done permanently if you love it, get something new or tweak away the next time you want ink. All of this can be done; the flexibility and creative possibilities of this ink are literally endless.

Personally, I got a piece representing my sobriety and higher power. Recovery programs, higher power and sobriety can all change and evolve with time - which is why this ink is the perfect solution while still holding a lot of meaning.

From the second I stepped into the 'shop' I felt welcomed and comfortable. The shop entrance feels like you're walking into your best friends boho-chic apartment. I was greeted by a genuinely happy shop employee that explained the ink and process to me. The clean and sleek shop vibe sets the stage for a smooth and positive experience. Grab a bubly water or seltzer from the fridge and hang out on the couch while you chat with your artist and design your piece together, or have them design something for you - like I said - this ink provides endless creative options. My artist Gusti did a beyond fabulous job of helping me perfect and organize what I had designed with them via email before my appointment. We chatted a bit while he worked, but the conversation never felt forced or awkward (and I'm pretty socially awkward so that's saying something). From start to finish I felt like I was just hanging out with friends and getting a new tattoo, which is exactly the kind of vibe I genuinely enjoy.

No intimidation, just kind humans and great ink.

Book an appointment on their website or stop by and check it out while you're strolling around Brooklyn 111 North 5th Street


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