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FitOn App

Where: Apple Store & Google Play

For: all ages

First of all, let me express that I cannot contain my excitement when I find REAL and genuine apps for working out especially when they are FREE. As a millennial trying to figure out my own wellness & life, I can’t stand getting suckered into some fitness scheme, fall in love with it and then get asked for a payment of who knows how much. FitOn is 100% free of charge and it’s great for all workout types. From yoga, cardio, weight lifting, in gym and at home workouts there is truly something for everyone.

Personally, I cannot stand over the top trainers talking to me through a screen because I truly can’t take my workout seriously and it feels like I’ve accomplished nothing at the end. There are SO many trainers on here to pick from and most of them genuinely talk about struggling and burning through the workout with you, which I enjoy so much more since it feels more realistic and makes my goals seem more achievable.

Along with offering virtual workouts, the app allows you to set your own goals whether they are weight or time related. I personally picked a 6 week workout plan, chose my targeted areas and started there. You can change and tailor your personalized workout anytime you choose to do so. I highly suggest this app as it is somewhat ‘Beachbody’ themed, but it is free and after you choose your goals, whatever they may be, you have handpicked videos and work out waiting for you on your profile. You also have the option to invite friends and start groups if you’re into that.

Overall, FitOn is an amazing free fitness app that will give you the tools and resources you need in order to reach your personal fitness goals. So what are you waiting for? Download it ASAP.

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