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Let Me See That Tootsie Roll

Tootsie! At the Marquis Theater, one of the best I've seen on Broadway. The reasoning? Because you can either take the plot lightly and just enjoy it or you can pry it open and take a look at the feminist arguements behind it. The crowd here is typically on the older side, not many children, possibly due to langue in the second act where F bombs are dropped left and right in a witty and hilarious number by the one and only Andy Grotelueschen, who is such an outstanding support throughout this show. The show is 2 hours and 35 minutes long with a break in between acts. The actual theater hosts a snack bar with take away glasses (well worth the extra $ as they are Tumblr like) where you can order Margaritas, Rootbeers, Tootsie Rolls (of course), pretzels and more. With a somewhat lively crowd you don't have to worry about your snacking noise too much, however we suggest opening everything before the show begins just out of respect for your neighbors. The theater breaks out in laughter often but the show brings to light issues in the work place that women are dealing with every day. Highly suggested for families, but this would be a great show to see solo as well, or for a date night. Tickets can be bought at the Lincoln Center TKS booth, typically cheaper and the line is WAY shorter than Times Square TKS booth!

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