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Top 3 Free Summer Things To Check Out

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

1] Staten Island Ferry: running all day from south Manhattan to Staten Island, not only does the ride give great views of NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty, but the ride is relaxing in and of itself, with snacks on board the ship as well. The trip itself is about 25 minutes; when you arrive in Staten Island everyone must get off the ferry in order to go back, however I suggest taking a look around the mall right at the exit. Stores such as Old Navy (always having insane sales at this location), Crocs, Starbucks, Apple and more. There is also a seafood and American style restaurant that offers great views of Manhattan in the same area. Check it out, grab a lobster roll and a local beer, especially on hotter summer days.

2] The High Line: walking the high line gives views of Manhattan’s West Side and Midtown Chelsea and art from a bunch of local artists along the way. From statues, architecture and wall murals between city buildings you will truly see something new every visit. Starting point entrance is located at 12th and 34th street, I highly suggest checking out Chelsea Market when in the area as well, details for the market are in last blog post (where to eat, favorite shops and more).

3] The Plaza Food Court: located in the Plaza at Central Park South lies the famous food court that boasts a creperie, macaron bakery, doughnuttery, ramen shops, specialty sausages, tartinery and more. Kids will love the Eloise at the Plaza with much to choose from, there is also free wifi here if you need a place to sit, google what to do next and grab a bite, or just hang out and people watch.

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