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Women LGBTQ+ Resources

Stevie - Stevie Bobbi's YouTube channel of Lesbian Topics (& other things) from a Lesbian.

Why it's amazing:

*open, honest, raw tips from Dear Stevie.

*addresses awkward 'hush hush' topics.

*you can send in questions!

*approachable and private way to learn about sensitive topics and things that are typically kept secretive unless you're a hardcore lesbian with a lot of lesbian friends.

Georgia Bridgers - YouTube channel of Bisexual Topics from a Bisexual

Why it's amazing:

*honest topics and advice

*coming out to family and family relationships after coming out

*addresses being a closeted bisexual

*tons of videos about other topics as well, posts frequently

Lesbians Over Everything (LOE) - Online community dedicated to sharing Lesbian stories, uninterrupted. Created by Ashley Obinwanne (an amazing woman with many talents including writing).

Why it's amazing:

*relatable and honest personal essays

*lesbian news (& addresses 'fake' LGBTQ+ news)

*you can submit your own writing for possible feature on the website

*it is purely dedicated to the L in LGBTQ+

*it feels personal

*a lot of fun and lighthearted pieces to read

....this list will continue to grow and be updated.

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